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Aysha Saeed, CEO & Creative Director

Aysha Saeed, CEO & Creative Director

The AYSHA NY brand embodies the feminine, elegant and exotic taste of its CEO & Creative Director, Aysha Saeed. Prior to launching her brand, Aysha created a design & production consulting business, working with various European luxury fashion houses. Her past clients include Dior in Paris under John Galliano and Dolce Gabbana in Milan, among others. 

While Aysha's first love has always been fashion, she started her career working for various financial service institutions in NYC for 10 years. She decided to give it up and take the risk of pursuing her dream-making Monday her favorite day of the week. 

Aysha lives the life of a busy executive, trying to juggle a demanding career and personal life.  She understands that many women are looking not only to elevate their work wardrobe, but to also use their clothing to express individuality. The AYSHA NY brand allows you to do this in the morning: with no confusion or fuss.

“I want women to use their wardrobe as a marketing tool.  When you wear AYSHA NY you are telling the world you are Confident, a Leader, a Strategist and someone Bold who thinks Outside the Box.   These are the traits every woman should want in her arsenal."  - Aysha Saeed.


An inspired collection for extraordinary women

Brand Philosophy & Mission

For professional women, AYSHA NY is the number one choice for high-end quality clothes at accessible prices with StyleMe Studio service for a customized look and fit.

AYSHA NY’s design aesthetics are envisioned by its founder, Aysha Saeed, who was classically trained in the art of design and production while working with European luxury fashion houses in Milan and Paris.

AYSHA NY’s clothing promises to showcase you, the bold and creative woman, a strategist, and a leader.

Our brand connects women and builds uplifting communities while embracing women of all kinds. Giving back to local communities and organizations have been part of our brand mission from day one.

AYSHA NY Press Coverage

AYSHA NY Press Coverage