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Luxury Clothing. Non-Luxury Pricing.

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An inspired collection for extraordinary women.

Luxury Clothing.  Non-Luxury Pricing.  AYSHA NY is the number one choice of high end clothes for executive women at accessible prices.  
With the StyleMe Studio service, you get personal service with a designer and a customized look and fit to match your unique body shape.

AYSHA NY’s design aesthetics, envisioned by founder Aysha Saeed, classically trained in the art of design and production working with European luxury fashion houses in Milan and Paris, are designed to elevate your wardrobe to match your needs.

AYSHA NY’s clothing promises to showcase you, the bold and creative woman, a strategist, and a leader.



StyleMe Studio

1 on 1 with a Designer


NYC Studio


Online Styling


Elevate your professional wardrobe and get the perfect look and fit with high quality craftsmanship and fashion forward styles that will make you stand out in the crowd!

StyleMe Studio provides you a high-touch service to shopping. You get to shop from our Ready to Wear Collection 1 on 1 with a designer and have your garments customized to your needs and unique shape.

  • Perfect style, fit & color based on your lifestyle.

  • Mini closet edit with a list of missing styles that will round out your wardrobe.

  • Expert alteration and pinning to ensure garment has customized look and feel.

  • Recommendations on handbag and shoe brands that go well with each look.


Pure White

White Lace Print Skirt

White Lace Crop Jacket

White Lace Duster



 Made for Impact and Influence


Perfection is in the Process

“Unfortunately today’s fashion landscape has become a commodity driven business, seeking quick output over actual design integrity.  For us the design process is at the heart of our business and it is never rushed or about cutting corners.  We design a garment that emotionally touches a woman from the minute she puts it on. - Aysha Saeed   

Made in NYC: Our pattern makers and seamstresses employ old world European tailoring skills which is embodied in our final product for an unique look and feel.

We use design & construction guidelines similar to the ones employed by Savile Row of London and Couture house in Paris.  Such as draping, hand cutting & stitching, inserting fussible stays, basting and much more.